Through a simple line of code, integration with customer’s systems and their current risk evaluation process, is simple and friendly.

Way to Assess your clients

Step 1

To redirect client for psychometric survey you should make a GET request to the following address:

companyname – is name of your company that is given to you with custom URL

Step 2

To track each client, it is mandatory to pass an additional parameter containing a unique request ID to the survey link (for lenders it is recommended to pass the client ID and/or application ID).

clientid/orderid – is the reserved names that can’t be changed

Step 3

The passed parameters and their values are saved automatically in the database.
When the respondent is redirected back to your site at the end of the survey, these parameters and their values will be automatically added to the redirect link
You can easily parse their values and use in your business-process or analytic.


To correctly redirect the respondent back to your site, you need to inform the support service about URL (to to which you want to return the respondent).