Our mission

We help lenders approve more loans and we help people without credit history to get loans

Who we are

We are alternative scoring system

Many lenders reject loan applications from individuals with a low credit score. With alternative data credit scoring, they get a better and more comprehensive view of the applicant’s creditworthiness.

Alternative credit data provides an innovative medium for lenders to correctly assess the risk levels in lending and offer the right tools to the underwriters.

What We Do

Simbra is online questionnaire that is designed to predict loan defaults beyond the traditional models. 

We use psychometrics technology and artificial intelligence to provide a new type of credit score that is based on a key set of personal character.

We don’t replace lenders current credit models, we extends and improve them.

It’s an ideal approach for applicants who do not have a credit history and therefore cannot be scored using traditional methods.


♦ Improve your decision process

♦ Approve more loan applications

♦ Reduce loan defaults

♦ Get an alternative view of the client

♦ Make good customers more happy

Fast & Easy

  • 3-5 min
  • Immediate report
  • Simple integration
  • Positive customers feedback


  • High scroring accuracy
  • Everyone is 100% scorable
  • Comlements traditional credit models
  • Culturally and market adaptable


  • Stable scores over time
  • Faking prevention and detection
  • Non-reliant upon 3rd party data

Fair & Relevant

  • No personal identifiers
  • No adverse impact
  • Non-invasive



Increased loan approval rates


Completion rates


Decrease default rate


Adverse impact